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WNRCASN 2012 Conference

Winds of Change: Diversity & Divergence

February 22nd- 24th, 2012

The Lethbridge College and the University of Lethbridge NESA Program hosted the 2012 WNRCASN Conference in Lethbridge, Alberta.

winds of change2Conference Program


Keynote Presentation: 

At the Crossroads: The Need for Revolution in Nursing (RN) Education - Dr. David Gregory


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Breakout Session Presentations (PDF):

From Instructional Epitome to Scholarly Learning Community: High Hopes for Online, Self-study Learning of the Neuman Systems Model M. Mackey
Second-degree Undergraduate Nursing Students Sense of Belonging During Clinical Experiences M. Sedgwick
Faculty Reluctance to Use Simulation M.M. Press
Bringing Classroom Presentations into the 21st Century N. Sedgwick
The Student Nurses Intergeneration Project (SNIP): Bringing Children, Nursing Students, and Older Adults Together Using the Concept of Storytelling A. Zaal
Team Nursing: An Innovative Approach to Clinical Teaching N. Rohatinsky
Bullying and the Impact Upon Nursing Education S. Spenceley
Learning to “Think Like a Nurse”: A Description of Critical Thinking in BScN Students A. Gillis
Mind the Gender Performance Gap: Considering the Contextual Performance of Masculinity and Caring During Nursing Practice Education P. Kellett
The Triadic Relationship: Surfacing Faculty Informed Practice in Preceptorships  C. Zawaduk
Journeys to the Food Bank: Postsecondary Student Food Insecurity – A Concern for Educators  M. Nugent
The Lived Experience of Novice Nursing Clinical Instructors T. Vande Griend
Moving the Discussion Online: A Pilot Project for Asynchronous Online Clinical Post-Conference Discussion M. Neumeier
Where is the Maternal Child Nursing Education? Searching the Winds of Changes for Future Directions and Clear Skies K.A. MacKinnon
Supporting Clinical Instructors through Online Journaling: Two Perspectives H. MacLean
Teaming Up with Nursing Students to Promote Tobacco Free Kids K. Haight
Clinical Preceptors: Are We Giving Them the Right Tools? T. Hoot
Returning to Basics K. Andres
Fostering Online Student Collaboration: Gentle Breezes that Help Create Connections S. Melrose
Perspectives of Diversity: Hospital-Based Rural Nursing Preceptorships C. Zawaduk
Health Coaching to Enhance Student Nursing Proficiency in Providing Health Promotion Education M. Nugent
Supervision of Student Research: A Tale of Two Perspectives S. Moore
Troubling Culture: A Framework to Reposition Culture as Concept and Praxis J. Harrowing
Speak Your Mind M. Valiant
Student Engagement: Are Two Faculty Better than One? K. Montaque
Collective Wisdom Driving the Winds of Change V. Faria
Designing a Two-Phased High Fidelity Simulation Directed to Nursing Students in Their First Clinical Practicum S. Zettel
The Impact of Distributed Learning Strategies in Nursing Education: Exploring Faculty Development Needs in a Western Canadian University L. Racine
Providing Feedback to Nursing Students: Fostering a Sense of Self-Efficacy and Internal Locus of Control L. Corcoran
Developing a Clinical Teaching and Learning Resource for Novice Nurse Educators K. Haight
How Do You Translate HEALTH? L.J. Cook
The Quantum Perspective of Learning: Viewing Learning through the Lens of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Holism K. Janzen
Critique: A Method for Enhancing Student Writing J. Lennox
Strategies for Facilitating a Positive and Rewarding Clinical Preceptorship K. Krell
Practice Makes ‘Perfect’ Educational Sense K. Andres






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