Home Officer Rotation
Year Past President President Secretary-Treasurer Vice President
2004-06 UBC U of C MRC U of S
2006-08 U of C U of S U of S UBC-O
2008-10 U of S UBC-O UBC-O TRU
2010-12 UBC-O TRU TRU U of Leth
2012-14 TRU U of Leth U of Leth U of M
2014-16 U of Leth U of M U of M U of A
2016-18 U of M U of A U of A UNBC
2018-20 U of A UNBC UNBC UVic
2020-22 UNBC UVic UVic AU
2022-24 U Vic AU AU U of C
2024-26 AU U of C U of C UBC
2026-28 U of C UBC UBC Brandon U
2028-30 UBC Brandon U Brandon U VIU
2030-32 Brandon U VIU VIU U of S

Approved at Annual General Meeting, May 6, 2010, Winnipeg

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